English 12

Date Today in Class  Homework 
 Mon 1/16 Complete chart information on "The Storm" and start new vocab list- "Emily".  Click here for list. Also, complete list of three rules for modern high school dating. Complete the two lists - dating AND vocab! 

Date Today in Class  Homework 
10/28  Voc defs:  Catcher #1 - link to handout?  CLICK here  Finish reading Ch. 4-7 in Catcher and finish defs 
10/29-30 Tues/Wed Review defs, quiz on Ch. 4-7, discuss  SPOOKY HALLOWEEN ON THURSDAY!!!  Prepare yourself! 

Date Today in Class  Homework 
Mon 10/21  Wrap up the film, end of unit assessment (writing), little writing task:  In about two sentences, describe one dumb thing you did when you were younger.  Yes!  Look to the left.  Finish that little writing. 
Tues/Wed 10/22-23  The return of the essays, JD Salinger notes.  Read Catcher Ch. 1 by Thursday 
Thurs 10/24  Discuss the beginning of Catcher.  So much to learn.   
Fri 10/25  Parent conferences   

Date Today in Class  Homework 
Mon 10/14  The last day for writing in class.  NEXT CLASS - LIST OF THINGS DUE (@ start of class)
1.  essay - in print 
2.  essay - online at turnitin.com (see above for codes)
3.   Arranged Marriage chart
4.  pink sheet from "The Disappearance"
Finish essay and turn in all three required tasks.  Whew.  All done.  None.  Finally. 
Thurs 10/17  Film:  ​The Namesake  None 
Fri 10/18  Film:  ​The Namesale  None 


Date Today in Class  Homework 
Tues/Wed 10/8-9  Finish presentations, start last story in the book!  Read "The Disappearance" and complete the detective work homework assignment.  Absent?  Click here Yes, read the story and complete the task to the left. 
Thurs 10/10  Review "The Disappearance" and complete its section on chart.  Double check chart!  Are all squares completed with detail??? Finally, tomorrow we WRITE!!  The criteria is right here Prepare for tomorrow's in-class writing by creating your turnitin.com account now!  Submit a test document before tomorrow!
Friday 10/11  WRITING DAY.  Need requirements?  Look above at Thursday!  Paper due at the beginning of block class: T/W 

Date Today in Class  Homework 
Mon 9/30  New vocab list!  Absent?  Click here. Finish reading the story!  Finish vocab.  Finish story.  Finish story problems.
1.  There are _____ pages left in the 11 page "frame" part of the story when its turning point happens.  _____ percent of that story is already over.
2.  There are _____ pages left in the 48 page "maid servant" part of the story when its turning point happens.  _____ percent of that story is already over.
Tues/Wed 10/1-2 Vocab def review: AM #4, chat about the story's end.  Did you correctly identify the TP?   Study for the vocab 
Thurs 1/3  Decide approach on group presentation and begin writing script.  Need requirements?  Click here See above 
Fre 1/4  Voc quiz - AM#4, preparation for "Maid-Servant" presentations None 

Date  Today in Class Homework 
Mon 9/23  New vocab list.  Absent?  It's right  here  Finish up definitions and read pp. 116-124 in "The Maid-Servant's Story"
Review vocab defs, quiz - "Maid-Servant" (the beginning to p. 124), review and read on  Read to p. 136
Study vocab for Friday! 
Thurs 9/26  Review last night's (CRAZY) reading, review literary aspects in small groups, read on.  1. Voc test tomorrow
2. Read to p. 151 by tomorrow. 
Fri 9/27   Voc quiz, review reading, make predictions  no HW 

Date Today in Class  Homework 
Mon 9/16  New vocab list to define.  Need it?  It's right here Finish vocab defs, finish reading "Clothes" 
Quiz: "Clothes", review voc defs, figure out the end of the story, complete the chart for the story  Study vocab for Friday's quiz! 
Thurs 9/19  Review chart, complete visual version of "Clothes"  1. read pp. 109-top of 116
2. voc quiz tomorrow - Arr Marr #2 
Fri 9/20  Voc quiz - Arr Marr #2, the return of the writing!! Sharing "Clothes" illustrated timelines.  Nope.  None. 

Date Today in Class  Homework 
Mon 9/9  Vocab list #1 - define the words using your OWN words pls.  Absent? Click here. Read the first story in the text - "The Bats" up to page 11. 1. finish vocab
2.  do your reading! 
Tues 9/10  Review voc defs, quiz on "The Bats" and finish the story.  Not done reading? FINISH IT! Prepare a list of FIVE CONFLICTS IN THE STORY.  Write each like this:
________vs. ________
Wed 9/11  Analyze conflict and theme, prepare for tomorrow's writing task.  Why did she call this story by that title?????  Pick your quotes for tomorrow's writing task?  Vocab quiz Friday.
Thurs 9/12  WRITING:  Need prompt?  It's right here Vocab quiz tomorrow.  Did you finish and turn in your writing?  Great!  If not, it's due at the beginning of class tomorrow. 
Fri 9/13  Voc quiz, begin working on short story chart  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! 

Date Today in Class   Homework 
Wed 9/4
WELCOME BACK!  Nothing serious today except the syllabus!  Miss it?  It's right here. 1. get syllabus signed
2. finish note card task
Share note cards from yesterday, BOOK CHECKOUT, survey about prior school reading None
Fri 9/6  First - a few minutes of notes on literary devices, writing sample.  Prompt: Choose a book you've read in a prior class and write a paragraph or two on one of its important literary devices.  Please bring Arranged Marriage  to class on Monday!!