English 12

Wed 4/1: The last week has been spent in outreach to students. First, a handful received senior warning notices and we're working on those. Second, if you have not completed the district's technology survey, please do it ASAP! We are planning to roll out REAL SCHOOL and we need to know if you need anything.  Please complete the survey now if you haven't:  CLICK HERE!

How about that reading?  Are you reading our sweet book?

According to our schedule, you should have read to Ch. 26 by last Friday.  I have heard from so few of you that I waited a few days to post new information.  Please keep reading.  Are you doing your journal entries? I would love to see them.  Please send!

First, check your own understanding of the reading by taking this practice quiz yourself!  CLICK HERE!

Then, do you remember when Laila and Tariq went to Bamiyan with Babi?  The beautiful Bamiyan Valley with the beautiful Bamiyan buddhas?  Please look here to read and watch the story of that amazing and sad valley: CLICK HERE

Are you doing your journal?  Please send me your entries if you'd like.  Type.  Pic.  However you'd like.

SEE YOU ON FRIDAY when we'll be up to Chapter 33.

Miss you, dearest chucks.


Look below for suggested schedule!

 I’M SO SORRY WE ARE NOT IN SCHOOL! I hope you have been well.  I try to remember that this problem isn’t about school – it’s about much more than that.  Please be careful and stay well and healthy.  If you were here right now, I’d offer you a little squirt of hand sanitizer.

 I have had too many Starbucks worrying, so let me clarify a few things.

1.  I am sorry it has taken so long for me to say hello.  The governor, our state school superintendent, our NK superintendent, our principal?  They’ve been going crazy trying to make decisions as the news has developed!  As the situation has changed so quickly, so have the expectations for them and us.  We are trying!!

2.  Nothing will be assigned while we are out.  That’s that.  There are so many equity issues involved!  Who has a computer? A smartphone? Wifi? Printer?  We just can’t do that with so many questions.

3.  Any assignments missed before school closed can be made up remotely!  Let’s use this time to clean up any old zeroes in Skyward!  Email me with questions and we will cook up a plan!

4.  What should you do in the meantime?  Note – this is the important part. 

·       READ THAT BOOK!  Almost all of you were there to check out A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.  If you were absent, I hope you will be able to stop by the school on Thursday when it will be open for students to pick up any things left behind.  I understand that Mrs. Schuchart will be available in the library from 9-12.  Please remember to be socially distant.  We want you to stay healthy.  Check the notifications the school has been sending for the specifics on this pickup event.  I’ll be there!

·       CHECK OUR CLASS WEBSITE.  There is a suggested reading schedule for you to follow if you’d like!  I have some nifty things to show you for each reading section.

·       WRITE THE JOURNAL ENTRIES.  For each section in the book, there is a journal prompt.  If you were able to be at school, you got the journal itself, but you don’t need it!  Write on notebook paper or on your phone!  Just write.  You know it won’t be graded, but it’s GOOD FOR YOU!  Please do it.

·       EMAIL ME.  If you have questions, suggestions, or any other reason at all under the sun, email.  I would love to hear from you!

If we were in school, we would be doing all sorts of activities.  Instead, read and write.  If you need suggestions for additional reading?  I can help.  If you want to write anything at all and have me read it?  Yes.  No need to even ask.

At least it’s spring and weather is pretty!  GONK!

Journal Prompts for A Thousand Splendid Suns

Read these chapters first


Fri 3/20

Journal Prompt:  In Kabul, Mariam experiences a life very different from what she has known before. Discuss both her new surroundings and her responses to those surroundings and people in Kabul.

As we get this novel rolling, what do you know about Afghanistan?  First, if all you can picture of Afghanistan is on the news, take a minute to watch this short video made by the US Embassy there.

Click here:  Afghanistan

Also, National Geographic has a couple of general quizzes on Afghanistan!  See what you can do with part one and part two!!  Just for fun, of course.

Afghanistan Quiz Part I
Afghanistan Quiz Part II

Fri 3/27

Describe Laila and her family. What is her situation by the time Chapter 26 ends? What happens?

Fri 4/3

Describe the newly blended family with all of its complications and joys.

Fri 4/10

NOTE: Yes, it should be spring break.  It isn't though.  
The tone of these chapters is dark. What happens to create this tone?

Fri 4/17

Although the tone is lighter in this section, it is not completely joyful. Explain how happiness and sadness appear together in the end.