AP Prep English 9


Here is the final assignment for this school year! Can you believe it? Whoot! Whoot! It's June! If you have any questions regarding this or any other assignment, be sure to join us on Zoom tomorrow at 11:30. I always look forward to seeing your smiling faces!

Witnessing History Narrative.docx



Whoot! Whoot! Time for the newest assignment! I know you were all anxiously awaiting this. Even if you weren't, here it is!

Historical figure Pot luck Assignment 

April 29, 2020
Hi All!

It's so great seeing those of you who join us on Zoom. I miss you guys sooooooo much! We are almost to May, which means that we will have six more weeks of school. You are doing such an amazing job at getting your work in! I'm proud of the way all of you have responded in this crazy time of quarantine. Just think how strong you all will be when we get through this. Adversity builds character. What a growth opportunity we have. Below is the link to the combined APP History and English stay at home project part II. Stay engaged and you will be rewarded. Now is not the time to check out. 

Air hugs!
Mrs. D

At home project part 2.docx



Welcome back to "school" as it is in this unprecedented time.  I hope you all had a relaxed and healthy spring break. Are you ready to start learning again?  Well, whether you are or not, it is time to get back to work. 

Below is a link to the joint project you'll be doing for Mr. Adams and me.  You will be getting a "grade" in both English and History classes.  So, get after it! 

*** If you have a last name starting with A-H your traveler is Marco Polo!
*** If you have a last name starting with I-P your traveler is Ibn Battuta!
*** If you have a last name starting with Q-Z your traveler is Zheng He!

We will be hosting a non-mandatory joint Zoom meeting next Tuesday morning , 4/21, to answer any questions and provide clarification on this assignment.  Look for the link on Tuesday. I can't wait to see some of your smiling faces! I miss you guys so much! We will all get through this! NK Strong!

 At Home Project for English and History

If you need help with your MLA bibliography and in text citations, follow link below: