Advanced Physical Science - Work

The Advanced Physical Science class at NKHS meets each Wednesday for 40 minutes.
Students are expected to attend or create a plan to make up the work.

Here is where information about Advanced Physical Science can be found.

Starting on March 24, we will explore the next year's science theme (sophomores!) -- chemistry!  The lab we will perform will take five periods (five weeks), and it is called the "Copper Cycle Lab."  Students will be handling strong acids and bases and learn proper safety protocols.  In the lab, students react copper to form several copper compounds, and, in the end, return the substance to copper metal.  Students will be graded on their individually written lab report of the experiment.  Also, during this time period, students will be asked to write a report on a topic of interest, which will be due in June.  This assignment will be discussed in class on March 24.  These assignments will conclude the academic requirements of advanced physical science, except for additional questions to be provided on the final exam (June 19-20).

1. Read article about World Health Organization's efforts to eradicate malaria in Indonesia using DDT pesticide.  Students are asked to be prepared to discuss the article in class.
2. Watch episode from DVD on measurement.  Write an article about the information.
3. Choose an issue of Sky and Telescope.  Pick an article and read it.  Make a list of information that needs further explanation.  Students ask their questions in class or privately.  Students write a summary of the topic.
4. Record information on the mathematics of the orbits of planets -- specifically speed, distance and time  Create a physical model that explains retrograde motion of Mars.  Practice the mathematical calculations with another planet.
5. Learn the trig ratios sine and cosine.  Learn the mathematics of calculating the distance of a cannonball flight.  Students do their own calculations given angle of the cannon and the speed that the cannonball leaves the gun.
6. Watch a video about the launch of a Soyuz rocket towards the International Space Station.  Take notes about the way the orbit of the spacecraft is changed by the Hohmann maneuver.  Be prepared to discuss in class.
7. Students checked out a copy of "Nature's Temples" by Joan Maloof.  On March 6, students listened to Chapter 1 read aloud.  By March 13 students read chapters 2 and 3 and one more chapter assigned by the teacher.  On March 13 students begin working in teams to present the information from the extra chapter as a poster or powerpoint presentation.  The due date for presentation was March 27, but presentations happened on April 10 and 17.
ALSO - Students have been given free study time -- especially close to final exams.
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