Marching Band/Camp

Welcome to the NKHS Band Program!

We are excited to have you join our group this coming year.  This letter contains lots of information for you so that you’re ready to go by Band Camp.  As a member of the NKHS Band Program you are a vital member of our community. We create powerful memories for our school and community and harbor a great source of pride and respect throughout the musical community in the Northwest. 

Marching Band in the NW is about team spirit and entertainment.  You’ve seen parade marching, most of you have even been in a parade or two.  This is a little different.  We play harder music, move forward, backward and sideways in forms, almost like pictures. We will be performing at football games, marching band competitions and community events.

Band Camp  
To put everything together marching bands all around the country meet up in August before school starts and go through an intense study of everything you need to know to begin performing the first week of school.  That’s what we call Band Camp.  You receive music instruction, learn details about how to move in all different directions while playing with great sound, how to memorize music, you get to know everyone in the group and all the forms we create on the field.
Click here for the band camp paperwork.

 NKHS Band Camp 2019 Schedule

Week of August 19-24

Option A:  Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm

Option B:  Monday, Tuesday, 8am-6pm, Saturday 12pm-4pm

Family Potluck Saturday, August 24 we will have a friends & family performance at 12:00 pm to showcase our hard work and what we’ve learned in band camp.  Following the performance, we will celebrate the new season with a family potluck dinner.

After band camp, we will continue rehearsing two days a week through August: Mondays 3-6pm and Wednesdays.  In September, we will change to Mondays and Wednesdays 5-7pm with sectionals as needed. 

We will not meet on Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd.  If you can’t make any of the band camp dates, please notify Mr. Adams as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that the band director is responsible for the assignment of parts/instruments. The director will take into account needs of the ensemble, musical skill level, teamwork skills, and individual strengths.

Everyone in the marching band will be present during Band Camp.  That includes musicians and the color guard.  We will be studying together and in several different kinds of groups.  Sometimes you will be working with just your small section, e.g. trumpets; other times it will be all the winds, etc.

There are four main categories of stuff you’re going to learn at camp: music, marching basics, drill (option A only), and teamwork.  Each day is broken up into sections so you’ll get a little bit of everything.  During music rehearsals we’ll work on things like dynamics, rhythms, and memorization. Marching basics rehearsals are when we focus on how you move on the field and how to hold your horn outside.  You learn the forms and how to get from one to another during drill rehearsals.  With everything we do, it’s really important you not only know everyone else, but trust them.  We spend a part of each day building team spirit and learning how each of us positively contributes to the group.

All of us contribute to the NKHS Marching Band in the fall.  Both students electing to march in the field show – Option “A”, and students electing to do option “B” (just perform at football games as part of the pep band and spring parade) are a part of our program.  So all NKHS Band members are part of the marching band in some form or other.  Regardless of which option you chose last spring, everyone is expected to be at band camp.  If you have conflicts, please contact Mr. Adams.

Option A Students:  please note times indicated on your band camp schedule
This is what the majority of our students do.  You perform in ALL fall activities for marching band
(Football games & Marching Band Competitions, parades, and other community events) and attend rehearsals for field drill in the Fall. 

Option B Students: please note times indicated on your band camp schedule
Everyone electing to do this option must fill out the required paperwork
Option B students do not perform on the field at football half time in the drill and do not attend field drill rehearsals
You are required to perform at home events such as football games, but not marching band competitions.

What to Bring & What to Wear for Band Camp

  • Instrument & music
  • Flip folder and music lyre for instrument (available at Ted Browns in Silverdale)
  • Payments, etc. if you haven’t sent it in yet
  • Sack lunch and snacks
  • Tennis Shoes (not new):  should have laces and flexible soles… no boots or VANS
  • Athletic pants/shorts (no jeans or skirts or baggy pants)
  • Comfortable T-Shirts (guys must wear shirts, girls must wear 2 inch straps on tops, no bare midriff)
  • Sunscreen, water bottle
  • Sunglass and hats are strongly advised… sometimes we face into the sun for rehearsal.
  • Jacket in case of rain