English 9 information

Hello guardians and parents of Moriarty’s 9th grade English class. We are in the middle of Romeo and Juliet and will finish just before school. We are reading and watching the movie clips as we move through so that everyone understands what is happening. We have quizzes after each act, and our final will be a cumulative test during finals week.  Most importantly, there is a final series of choice assignments that are due 14 June with no exceptions. The students have had at least two weeks since I told them.  Please encourage them to pace themselves so they can meet the deadline.  The projects are independent and little to no time will be provided in class. Please contact me if we need to discuss expectations. Have a great week!

R and J Projects.docx


Kate Moriarty


R and J Projects.docx

How to Write a Theme Essay (TKAM).docx
TKAM Sample essay.docx

Hi! I am trying to keep more current, so here is what is going on.  Our theme essay on To Kill a Mockingbird is due on Monday May 6, 2019 with the self and peer editing checklist completed and attached.  Also required is the graphic organizer packet that we used to plan the essay. All in all, it will be about 100 points, so students and parents will want to make sure its done.  We have spent more than 2 weeks of class time working on this, and 4 or more days in the lab typing.  I am not taking late papers unless the parent or guardian requests and explains. I have made myself available during class for conferencing as well as before and after school.  PLEASE check to make sure your student is on top of this!


We start Romeo and Juliet on Monday, and reading will be done in class.


As always, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!


Kate Moriarty


April 22-26, 2019

We are drafting our theme essay for To Kill a Mockingbird.  We wrote the introduction last week in our writing packet for the essay (it has a big blue thought bubble on the front).  

Thursday and Friday, the students wrote at least body paragraph 1 in the organizer, and hopefully body paragraphs 2 and 3.  I have been going around the class, answering questions, offering suggestions, and signing off sections as I approve them.

They can also use the packet to draft the conclusion as there are directions and an example.

Tuesday April 23, and Wednesday April 24 will be spent typing in the lab as I am out of town through Friday at a funeral.  Thursday and Friday, they will watch a Morgan Freeman documentary called "Prom Night in Mississippi".

We will have one more day in the lab once I get back to finish typing after one more class day to make sure we are ready.  I am also having them do a structured peer review.  Final copy will be due May 3. If your student needs extra help, I will be staying after school on Tuesday April 30 and Thursday May 2, and other days if arranged in advance.

We will be starting Romeo and Juliet next week.

As always, feel free to email me with questions!


MARCH 14, 2019

TKAM reading schedule (2).docx

We are  continuing To Kill a Mockingbird .  We  do not have a current vocabulary list , so there will not be a vocabulary quiz next week.  Students may continue to hand in and make corrections to any of the packets we have had thus far.    We will have an open notebook quiz  Friday, March 15, and we have gone over what sort of  questions they can expect. If they have all their packets complete and with them, they will be fine. We are going over answers and notebook organization before we move forward.  I am attaching the reading schedule (corrected, thanks J.J.!)  Next week we will be digging into the chapters and information, working on writing the introduction to their final project on the book, and working on characterization.  This weeks' focus was symbols, themes, and motif's.  

Have a great week!

FEBRUARY 23, 2019

We are working in class on the To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) packets.  We have read chapter 1 and are moving into chapter 2 Monday February 25.  A new vocabulary list was distributed on Friday, February 22, from which students need to choose another 8 words for Wednesday.  I prefer that the student paraphrases the definitions so that the definition makes sense to him/her/them so that the word actually becomes part of the working vocabulary.


I have graded both the yellow packet (TKAM Lesson 1) and the blue packet (TKAM Lesson 2).  If there are zeros in the grade book, it hasn’t been handed in and should have been.  Additionally, students can correct/ complete the sections that are starred and hand it back in for an improved grade. I am not reading every response since we are working in groups and we have discussed answers.  If the entire packet is filled out, it gets a check + worth 9.5 points out of 10 (95%).  If the packet is mostly done with some blanks, it gets a check worth 8.5 points out of 10 (85%),  If the packet has quite a few blanks, it gets a check minus worth 7.5 points out of 10 (75%).  Over the weekend, students should finish pages 68-70 in his/her/their pink packet (TKAM Lesson 3.1).  We worked on it in class in groups. 


I will be handing out a purple packet (Lesson 3.2) on Monday that covers Chapters 2-8.  As your student reads, he/she/they should be keeping track of quotes pertaining to his/her/their chosen theme (ask to see their TKAM Quote Keeper).  Check with your student on theme Cornell notes dated 21 Feb, and the possible themes are on the back.




I will be doing reading quizzes, open note or open packet quizzes, and weekly vocab quizzes.  The reading pop quizzes and open note/packet quizzes will not be able to be retaken.  Weekly vocabulary quizzes can be retaken before school, after school, and during study sessions with a day prior notification.

Doodlenotes are on hold until further notice. 

TKAM Lesson 3.1.pdf
TKAM Lesson 3.2.pdf
TKAM reading schedule.docx
TKAM voc 1.docx
TKAM voc 2-3.docx

As always, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!

Kate Moriarty, kmoriarty@nkschools.org

FEBRUARY 14, 2019

 Wow, there was some crazy weather! Now we are fully in Second Semester.  We are working on background of To Kill a Mockingbird, and are starting to read the book.  The reading schedule will average out to about a chapter a day, so if your student needs more time, grab an MP3 player, download it on Audible, or start reading.

I have momentarily suspended Doodlenotes so we can tackle some of the vocabulary in the book.  I am having students choose 8 words to spell and define.  Vocabulary quizzes will be on Wednesdays.

Here are the two packets the students have right now.  We have finished TKAM Lesson 1 packet (yellow) and a grade is in the grade book.  We start the TKAM Lesson 2 packet (blue) today.

Hope you enjoyed your snow days!

January 14-18
Here are the Doodlenotes for this week.
Phil, plur doodlenotes and worxs.pdf

Entry Tasks Jan 14-18.docx

January 11- I told the students that I would no longer take late Doodlenotes beginning with the root words "photo" and "bio" after winter break. Exceptions would be IEPs, 504s, exceptional family circumstances, or multiple absences in a week.  The words go up on the Friday before so students have 7 days to complete them.  They will be marked as a 0 and not missing.   

Week of January 7-11

Students have until this Friday, January 11 to make test corrections on the Night Final test.  They can earn back half the points lost by writing the page number where the information is found next to the missed question.

Also, the students can edit their Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Essay for a full credit regrade and the re-writes are due 22 January by the end of the day. I am encouraging them all to go to Writing Lab during study sessions on Wednesday to get individualized help.

Voc quiz Jan 7-11.docx
bio doodlenote.pdf
host doodlenote.pdf
onym doodlenote.pdf
vocab quiz Jan 7-11

Entry Tasks Jan 7-11.docx

photo, bio, plur, phil word list.pdf
determine graphic organizer, Monday entry task.pdf

This week, we are finishing up the Socratic Seminar packet and having a discussion/Socratic Seminar about all the things we have covered in the last month or so.  The seminar will be during class on Wednesday, and all students must speak 3 times.

We begin our poetry unit on Thursday, and will be working on that for the next two weeks.

Hope everyone had a restful winter break!

Week of November 26-30

We are analyzing Chapter 3, and will move into Chapter 4 Friday, November 30.  We are also reading a paired non-fiction article "Introduction to the Holocaust" .  We have a vocab quiz on Friday with the root words "mob,mot",  "tract" , and "context".

Here are the pages we have done this week.

doodlenote words Nov12-Dec14.pdf

Night Chapter 3. 2 Reading guide.docx

Night Chapter 3. 3 Reading guide.docx

Night Chapter 4 Reading guide.docx

Week of November 19-21

We are reading chapter 1-3 of Night and answering the reading guide questions I am attaching below.  I am also attaching the answers. We will not do Doodlenotes or Entry Tasks this week.  Have a great Thanksgiving break!
Night Chapter 1 Reading guide.docx 

Night Chapter 2-3 Reading guide.docx

Night Chapter 1 Reading Questions.pdf

Night Chapter 2 Reading Questions.pdf

Night Reading Guide Chapter 3.1.pdf

Week of November 13-16

This week, we will be finishing the movie Swing Kids, which you can find on Youtube.  We will then move into reviewing the ELA assessment that we took last week, and going through answers so that we know how to find theme and quotes to support how we know what the theme is.  The assessment was no count, and we are using it to tell us what we need to focus on so the students can be successful on the SBAC ELA.  We are then moving into history, vocabulary, and background for the book Night, which we checked out Friday.  Students need to hand in Lord of the Flies.  

Attached are most of the doodlenotes for this week and the academic words for last week and this week. 

Academic word “compare” Nov 5-9.pdf

Academic word “consider” Nov 13-16.pdf

Entry Tasks Nov 6-9.docx

loc and temp.pdf

words for doodlenotes Nov 13-16.pdf

I will not be here tomorrow as I am taking a personal day.  I have left thorough notes for the guest teacher.  Students still need to hand in Doodlenotes and will still take a vocab test.  They are reading "The Banality of Heroism" aloud tomorrow in class.  What they don't read aloud in class, the students have to read for homework and be ready to discuss on Monday. 

Today we watched Alfons Heck's Hitler Youth HBO special: 

We will be connecting the article, the video, Lord of the Flies, and our new book Night.

We are also doing a baseline assessment next week.

Have a great weekend!

October 31- Wednesday

The counselors came into class today to talk to the students about what services the counseling center offers as well as how to be a successful high school student.  

Week of October 29-November 2

We peer edited papers yesterday and the students are making those changes today in the library (Tuesday). The final paper is due tomorrow, Wednesday, October 31 when they come into class.  If they are unable to print the final, please have it emailed to me by the end of the school day.  They know this is coming, so it shouldn't be a surprise.  Below is information for how to access their student email account where they should be able to access their paper IF they have saved it to their online account.

  • Go to login.microsoftonline.com
  • Username is the student number )
  • At school, it’ll automatically log students in.
  • From home, students enter their computer password.
  • If they don’t remember their student password, you (or any staff member) can reset it.  There’s a shortcut in the Staff Links folder on the desktop.  
We are starting the intro to our next book, Night, tomorrow. The Doodlenotes are due Friday, as always, and the words are "dict" and "scrib/script" . The academic work is "claim".  Entry tasks are also due on Friday.  Monday's was the graphic organizer with "claim" on it.  

MONDAY, October 22

Today we covered what needed to be in their mini literary analysis.  Here is the Powerpoint on it:
Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis Essay.pptx

THURSDAY, October 18

What we did today and yesterday:

LotF Chap 8-12 questions.pdf

WEDNESDAY, October 17

We are  discussing the end of Lord of the Flies and answering questions about what we have read.  Chapter 10 and 11 are on the Chapter 10 document.  We will have a final reading quiz Friday.

Chapter 10.docx
Chapter 12.docx

MONDAY, October 15

Today we are covering the end of Chapter 8 and all of Chapter 9.  Students should read Chapter 10 for homework if they have not read it already. We will finish the book by the end of the week, going into one week of writing another essay as the summative assessment for this book.  We will be in the computer lab all next week working on the essay. If your student has a USB memory stick, they will want to bring it.

Chapter 8(end)Chapter 9.docx

Word/roots of the week are: circum (around), centr- (middle, center), and cite ( to mention an idea from a text to support your opinion).

 Thursday, October 11

Today we discussed the reading quiz and how this book is very complex.  Sometimes we need to reread sections to make sure we understand, and that includes me.  I showed them the text evidence to support my answers on the reading quiz. Some students did not do well, and I wanted to demonstrate how to read the chapters to increase scores for next time.  I am not offering retakes, but there are plenty of other assignments to counteract the score. 

We also discussed LotF Chapter 7. Tomorrow we discuss Chapter 8, which they read in class yesterday.

The entry task today was:


  1. What happens when Ralph hits the boar with the spear?The spear falls out, but Ralph becomes very captivated by the hunt, and begins to behave in a savage manner.
  2. What happens when they reenact the pig hunt?The boys get carried away and actually hurt the boy who is pretending to be the pig. Jack thinks it is a great game, but even though Ralph gets caught up in the moment and is part of the hurting of the boy, he regrets it later.Also, this is where Ralph and Jack realize they hate each other.
  3. Who goes up the mountain to hunt the beast?Jack, Ralph, and Roger

Wednesday, October 10-

Today we did silent reading of Chapter 8 in class. Tomorrow we will discuss chapters 7 and 8.  The book is getting pretty dense and symbolic now.

The entry task today was:

Answer in complete sentences.

  1. What is something you like about Lord of the Flies? (don’t say “nothing”… find SOMETHING to like).
  2. What is something you don’t like about Lord of the Flies?
  3. How is your symbol/character developing? Is it static or dynamic?

We handed back reading quizzes for Chapters 4-6, and will discuss those tomorrow as well.  It was not an easy quiz, and I encourage students to go back and reread to make sure they understand some sections.


Homework for tonight is read Chapter 3 of Lord of the Flies.

Attached below are the answers for the blue packet and our weekly academic word, argue.

short story refresh.pdf

new doc 2018-10-01 15.36.17.pdf


Here is the assignment sheet the students are getting today with the reading schedule and other very important information (it's green like the jungle)

Lord of the Flies Unit Assignment Sheet NKHS.docx

Entry Tasks Week of September 24.docx

mem ology_2.pdf


Thursday, September 27

We started Lord of the Flies (LotF) Chapter 1, and are reading that chapter aloud in class.  The reading schedule will get handed out tomorrow (green packet). There will be many times the student will be asked to read for homework/independently.  If your student needs to check out an MP3 with the audiobook from the NKHS library, urge them to get in there and check one out.
audi phon.pdf

apply- to use an idea in a particular situation

 Tuesday September 25

Today we read and talked about Guy de Maupassant's short story "The Necklace".  It is in the blue packet.  There was time to finish annotating the literary elements in the story during class, and the packet is due tomorrow at the start of class.

We are starting our Lord of the Flies unit tomorrow, extending our awareness of literary elements in longer fiction.  After Thursday, there will be reading assigned outside of class, and it is important to the discussions to have it done.  There could be reading quizzes from time to time to check to make sure kids a reading the book.  

Friday September 21- Monday September 24

It was great to meet those parents to whom I had the opportunity to speak on Back to School Night!  It was a pleasure to see all of you!

Here is what we did in class on Friday:

plot line diagram of The Long Exile.pdf

literary elements The Long Exile.pdf

We started reading the short story, "The Piece of String" as well.  We will be doing the same exercises with this story before moving into "The Necklace" a the end of this week.

The Piece of String by Guy de Maupassant.pdf

Vocabulary words this week are "apply", "aud", and "phon". Doodlenotes are due Friday before the vocabulary quiz.

The completed blue packet will also be due on Friday.  We have been working on it in class, but if there are questions still incomplete from "The Long Exile", they should be completed pronto!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Today we discussed "The Long Exile" by Leo Tolstoy. The students had 8 questions to complete, and were given 30 minutes in class to finish.  Some took them home to finish.  Here is the link to the story:


REMINDER: Vocab quiz and Doodlenotes due tomorrow!

affect analyze.jpg
mar mer vis vid.pdf