Creative Writing

Welcome to Creative Writing!
To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music the words make. ~ Truman Capote
Creative Writing Class Overview 19-20.doc

May 18

Hi Everyone,
Many of you have been keeping up so Thank You for that!

If you have turned in your one act play and your memoir, here is the next
assignment for you:
I want you to write a children's story. I want you to also illustrate your work. You can use clip art, you can draw, you can find other images you want.
I have included the archetypes common to children's stories, tips for stories as a general guideline and the assignment requirements.
This should be fun!
Children’s Book Archetypes.pptx
childrens book.pdf
Children's book req.docx

Also, here is the latest ASB info:


  1. IT'S A TIE!!!!!! 

Executive Presidential election ended last friday in a TIE between Brianna Hoffman and Roan Aidane. We will have a Runoff Election this Tuesday meaning everyone will vote again for executive president.

When: Tuesday 8am-3pm 




This week you will vote for your class officers and representatives. These are individuals who will directly be serving your class. 


-Listen to the candidates share their visions for NK 

May 21st: Zoom Town Hall: Candidate speeches @3pm Access:



May 22nd: Class officer election (Voting Begins) 

Class of 2021: Access URL:

Class of 2022: Access URL:

Class of 2022: Access URL:

May 11
Hey Everyone,
It's ASB Exec Board Election Week!!


The 2020 Executive campaign and election is here! Check out the ASB ELECTION 2020 VOTERS GUIDE for all information about the 2020 campaign, candidates and voting. ASB ELECTION 2020 VOTER GUIDE_.pdf

Please finish up your poems and start your memoir project.
Stay Strong Creative Vikings!!

May 4th
Hi my writer friends,
If you are still working on your poems, please get them finished and submitted to me so you can start the next assignment.
The next assignment is a personal memoir. 

Before you begin, I would fill out the brainstorm list. It may help.
memoir brainstorm.docx
Memoir Unit.docx
Please feel free to email me with any questions.

April 20
Hi you guys,
As promised I wanted to provide more links to poetry writing to give you more choices.
Here we go:

Animal Poem.docx
This Is Just To Say.docx
A villanelle is formal.doc

Let me know what you might need from me -

Also...ASB elections are happening virtually this year. Here is some info:

ASB ELECTIONS FOR 2020-2021 ARE HAPPENING THIS SPRING! All campaigning and voting will be taking place online. If you or anyone you know is interested in running this year reach out to Mr. Prince ASAP (contact attached below). Prince will host a Zoom meeting this Wednesday at noon for those interested info can be found on google classroom or reaching out to Mr. Prince via email.


Google Classroom: ASB Election 2020-2021 Class code: k7sw5wv

April 15th
Hi All,
Please remember that you were working on the one act play. You can email it to me.
Here are several poetry prompts: (
 I will add more choices soon).

Individuality in a Group.docx  
Sensory Poem.docx
Why I live in the Northwest.docx 
How to Write a Letter Poem.doc
The Magnificent Bull.doc
Sestina.docx  Sestina example.docx This is a little harder but fun
Carl Sandburg.doc

 I am asking you to write 5 poems of your choice. You can email them to me when you finish. Take your time and get them to me when you can.
April 13, Monday

Hi Everyone,

Well, today kicks off the official distance learning we've been hearing so much about. 
First I want to give you my schedule. It looks like this:
All ELA teachers are available from 9-12 for online interactions with students. 
From 1-3 everyday are my office hours where you can email me for immediate-ish responses and the like.

I'm not sure what all you will want from me but let's figure it out together. I can host Teams or Zoom if that is your need or just post assignments and due dates. We'll figure it all out - don't you worry.

On Wednesday I will post several poetry prompts (since it is national poetry month). I am asking you to write 5 poems of your choice. You can email them to me when you finish. Take your time and get them to me when you can. I know these are strange times.

Tomorrow from 9-12 I will be online - let me know what you need. 
Until then!

Hi All,
If you need anything from me or want to turn anything in, I will be in the building tomorrow from 9-12 (3/19). If you need to turn in a book or check one out, the library will be open also


I hope all of you are healthy and happy!
Please work on your one act play while we are out of school. 

If I have any other information then I will update this site,
otherwise I'll see you when we get back to school in April.
If you need to contact me, my email is:
Take care,