Volleyball: INFORMATION for 2019

WCD Champs 2017
Head Coach:  Tim French
Email: tfrench@nkschools.org

More Volleyball info:


Here are the dates and times for tryouts and first 2 weeks of practice.

Normally, we are able to make “selections” by the first Wednesday (8/28).

Sometimes we need to wait another day or two. 

So the ongoing practice dates/times are for those that do make the team.


August 26, 27   3:30-6:00PM

August 28          3:00-5:30PM

August 29, 30    9:00-1130AM


Sept 2 (Labor Day)   5:00-7:00PM

Sept 3  3:00- 5:30PM


Sept 4, 5, 6   3:00-5:15PM

Sept 7  9:00- 11:30AM


Important:  You will need to register for fall sports on the NKHS website!
You will also need a current physical and Freshmen, Juniors and new to District players will need a current concussion test completed.  All of these need to be done before you can physically try out.   Please contact the Athletic Directors office if you have more questions.




Coach French