NKHS Soccer Core Values

NKHS Vikings Soccer Core Covenants

Respect– Play the NORTH way - show respect for the


game, teammates, opponents, referees, and fans – always

play fair – no diving, intentional fouls, or gamesmanship -

display good sportsmanship at all times!

Integrity – Play with honor - take responsibility for your


actions – be honest and trustworthy at all times – make

good decisions on and off the pitch – always try do the

right thing!


Desire – Play with heart - always give your best effort in


training and in games – courage, effort, & intensity

will carry you through most adversity - never give up!


Determination – Play with confidence - stay focused on our


goals – earn success through individual effort, mental

toughness, and solid teamwork – play hard and train hard –

push yourself and your teammates to be better!


Excellence – Play like a champion - always strive to do


your best at home, in the classroom, and on the soccer

pitch – be the most complete student-athlete you can be!