Athletic Medicine I
Athletic Medcine
ATHLETIC MEDICINE I COURSE-- Cross Credited with Science


Grade Level:                          9, 10, 11, 12

Course Length/Credit:       Year Long (1.0 credits)

Prerequisite:                          None  

Credit Type:                           Career & Technical Education (CTE) or a Science Credit

Athletic Medicine gives students the opportunity to explore sport medicine by spending one period in the classroom and time after school in the training room with an athletic trainer.  The major emphasis of the class will be to apply the skills learned to real life situations. 


Students will learn:

  • Emergency first fid/CPR/AED certification

  • Human anatomy and physiology

  • Science/Medical Vocabulary

  • Prevention and care of athletic injuries

  • Injury evaluation

  • Nutrition

  • Basic concepts of injury rehabilitation

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Medical terminology

Additional credit can be earned by participation after school in the athletic training room.