FCCLA Community Service

Georgia's House Drive

  • Who: The FCCLA – Room 502
  • What: Collecting the items that Georgia's House needs tocontinue with their work in the community.
  • When: March 3rd – March 20th
  • Where: Right here at NKHS. There are drop boxes inclassrooms, the library and in the main office.
  • A Little More:Georgia's House is a homeless shelterthat supports women and their children who are homeless, low income or comingfrom domestic violence. The shelter does not discriminate race or religion andis open 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. They need our help to provide everydaynecessities to woman and children. REMEMBER ANYTHING HELPS!



What we are looking for:

                             Shampoo                       Coloring Books     Hair brushes             

                             Conditioner                   Crayons                 Dental Floss

                             Body wash                     Markers                Chapstick

                             Deodorant                      Combs                  Q-Tips

                             Toothpaste                        Laundrysoap       Lotion

                             Toothbrushes                 Shaving supplies   Kleenex

                             Feminine products         Hair ties                Toilet paper