NKHS Astronomy Club

North Kitsap High School Astronomy Club

This club is open to all Viking students and all NKSD staff.  If you want to join NKHS Astronomy Club, please visit Mr. Goar in Room 407 or give him a call at extension 3192.  We will have meetings on the last Monday of the month from 2:30 to 3:30 in Room 407.

 1st meeting:The first meeting was Monday September 28.  We discussed writing a constitution and electing officers, the homecoming parade on Wednesday, how to use a telescope, how to use star maps, and the Camp Delany Star Party in the spring.
2nd meeting: The second meeting on Monday October 26 saw us approve a constitution and elect three officers.  Lia Slotten is the club's president. We practiced using a Tel-Rad finder (indoors).  We looked at some sky maps and learned to locate various types of objects on a map.
3rd meeting: We met on November 30.  We watched a short movie called Fading Stars, Dying Stories.  We talked about eyepieces and how to determine the magnification.  We also discussed plans to work on the Messier Program by observing 70 of the Messier objects.  We discussed how to notify members about evening telescope viewing opportunities.  Members checked out copies of Practical Skywatching for use at home. 
More information (and pictures) can be found at Mr. Goar's website.  It is www.olympictelescope.com 
NEXT MEETING is Monday December 14.