NKHS Library

While the library is closed for the summer, online resources remain available.
Please use the links to the left to access databases and other great remote learning resources.

Materials Return - We offered four library materials return dates during June.
If you were unable to attend one of those dates, please contact Lisa Schuchart (email below)individually regarding your personal situation.

Library Contacts
NKHS Librarian - Lisa Schuchart - lschuchart@nkschools.org - 360-396-3120 (T, F, alt. W)
NKHS Library Secretary/NKHS Testing Coordinator - Christine Duplissey - cduplissey@nkschools.org - 360-396-3104
NKHS Scholarships/Website/Bulletin - Kelly Simkins - ksimkins@nkschools.org - 360-396-3122