NKHS Library

Learning Resources during School Closure
Please explore these Remote Learning Resources to continue learning while you are away from school.  Updates will be added as new resources become available, so check back regularly.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at lschuchart@nkschools.org for any learning and resource support you may need.

Wishing you safety and good health,
Lisa Schuchart

Need a library book or textbook?  Contact Lisa Schuchart (lschuchart@nkschools.org) for assistance.  With advanced notice, I can arrange to meet you in front of the school.

Book Return
- We are currently working on a plan for library returns.
- As soon as we receive the go-head, we will publicize a plan via email, website, and social media.
- Any student/family interested in a current list of checkouts can receive one.  Just email me - lschuchart@nkschools.org

Library Contacts
NKHS Librarian - Lisa Schuchart - lschuchart@nkschools.org - 360-396-3120 (T, F, alt. W)
NKHS Library Secretary/NKHS Testing Coordinator - Christine Duplissey - cduplissey@nkschools.org - 360-396-3104
NKHS Scholarships/Website/Bulletin - Kelly Simkins - ksimkins@nkschools.org - 360-396-3122